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A Sunrise Never Disappoints

It is my habit, whenever I go to the beach, to get up early, go down to the beach, and wait for the rising of the sun.  And since I go to the beach twice a year—once in the winter, and once in the summer—and I have been going to the beach for almost 28 years—I’ve seen about 1500 (plus or minus) suns rising over the ocean.  My pictures over the years have moved from prints stored in photo albums to digital images stored on my computer, but I have managed to capture a lot of those sunrises.  

Some people might look at my collection of sunrises and say, “these all look alike!” but not to me.  I can get lost looking at each and every image of a sunrise.  Granted,  a picture of a sunrise is not as satisfying as actually being there and watching a sunrise but when I look at my sunrise picture collection, I am never disappointed.  A sunrise is never a disappointment.  Even if it’s the same ole sun coming up every morning, the way that the sun appears is always interesting, exciting and different.  Sometimes the sun is a tiny orange-pink fingertip that pops out of nowhere through bluish clouds.  Sometimes the sun comes fully formed, large and yellow, commanding the attention of the entire sky, not a cloud in sight.  Sometimes the weather conditions seems to indicate that there will be no sunrise this morning, but unexpectedly, the sun’s rays fracture through the clouds, if only for a moment, sending out brilliant rays of hope.

A sunrise never disappoints because a sunrise is an everyday assurance that a new day has come, and that new day is accompanied by the promise of God’s never-failing love and compassion.  And while it’s true that the rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with us, rainbows are too few and far between for me.  I need the constant, daily reminder that “God’s in His heaven–All’s right with the world” even when all seems wrong with the world.  The unexpected beauty of the sunrise reflects the unexpected beauty of an act of kindness or mercy.  The overwhelming intensity of a sunrise reminds me that the world’s darkness has indeed been overcome by God’s light.  The suddenness of a sunrise prods me into believing, when I am at my lowest point, that in surprising ways, God will appear to scatter doubt and fear.

And even though it was difficult to select a sunrise picture to accompany this writing, I enjoyed the process of looking at each one, because a sunrise never disappoints.

“[God’s] splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from [God’s] hand, where [God’s] power was hidden.”  –Habakkuk 3:4 (NIV)Image


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